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Structural Medicine - Myofascial Release - Yoga - Movement - Strain Counterstrain


Structural Integration

Structural Integration
After a thorough intake and evaluation, I create a treatment plan that will address specific health issues that target any postural imbalances, chronic pain, and movement dysfunction. Myofascial release is combined with Myofascial Length Testing (MFLT).

Myofascial Length Testing (MFLT)
MFLT provides objective information to determine whether or not a treatment plan needs to change. This allows each session to be personalized and precise.

Facial Strain Counterstrain/Cranial Scans
Strain Counterstrain (SCS) works by decompressing pain and movement receptors which exist in the body’s main connective tissue called fascia. Once the tissue is in slack, pain symptoms are often alleviated and it is much easier for me to further facilitate release via myofascial release. There are also cranial scans that I use to help me further identify any systems of the body that might be in distress.

For more information on SCS please visit here.

Body Awareness and Pain Reduction: An Integrative Process
I may also combine reiki, dialogue, and movement re-education to help uncover any emotional beliefs or unconscious movements that may be contributing to the loss of postural integrity and healthy movement patterns. Through empowered awareness and a sense of self, many clients can return to activities with greater range of motion and strength.

Yoga and Movement
I have 3 separate yoga certifications and over a decade of experience in this field. Currently, I use movement education to decrease anxiety and chronic pain.

Other movement modalities that I use come from the 20+ years of dance education and somatic training that I have received both as a student and as a professional dancer.

Healing Herbs



Herbal medicine is often used allopathically. However, most people don’t realize that herbs can be integrated into your daily routine in an effective way that goes beyond putting a Band-Aid on your symptoms.

I have been a life-long lover of herbs and natural remedies. I would be happy to talk to you more about this area of healing. For more extensive treatment using herbs, there are some great practitioners that are experts in this field and I would be happy to refer you.


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