Shawn’s Eggs and Greens

Shawn’s Eggs and Greens

My buddy, Shawn, is the very talented designer for my blog and website through his company, Kook Stack. He also loves this recipe and asks for it constantly. Here’s a typical text conversation:

Me: Hey Shawn! How are you?
Shawn: Eggs and greens!!?

So on Friday, I had some time between classes and we whisked down to the store to pick up some ingredients to make some for him. Here is a list of what I grabbed (please supplement any of the ingredients to make it the way you like. In fact, I usually improvise with whatever I have in my fridge.)



-1 bunch dino kale
-a zucchini
-1 small yellow onion
-package of crimini mushrooms
-small tomato
-an avocado
-flat leaf parsley
-lemon (optional)
-1 jar of sun-dried tomatoes. (I love the company, Mediterranean Organic. I recommend a good quality brand because I use some of the oil from the jar to cook with).

Eggs: 1-2 per person


-sea salt
-black pepper
-curry powder (pre-made or here is a nice recipe from Tony Hill, owner of Seattle’s famed World Merchant Spice). You can find that recipe, here.
*I love curry but if you’re not a fan, try your own hand with tasting as you go and add in some other spices such as cumin, coriander, and basil.

This recipe is very flexible. In general, I prep about a cup and a half of my veggie mix per person. I also finish the recipe by cooking the eggs on top of the greens in the oven (a trick inspired by my friend, an amazing cook and healer, Ari Divine). So make sure you use a pan that can be transferred to the oven. For this batch, which made 3-4 servings, I used a medium sized, cast-iron pan (about 10 inches): Turn your oven on to 375 degrees. Next, place pan on stove and turn the on temperature to medium heat, adding some oil from the sun-dried tomatoes.

-Dice up onion and start sautéing
-While your onions are cooking, slice mushrooms and zucchini and stir into onions
-Add in minced garlic (1 cloves each person)
*Keep your eye on the veggies until you see your veggies start to caramelize.

-Stir in curry seasoning, about a ½ tsp. of curry powder per cup of veggies (or more if you like a stronger flavor).

-Add in some chopped up kale.
*At this point I also put in a small sprinkling of salt to draw out the water from the greens, which helps the cooking process.

-Sprinkle in a little cayenne pepper and some ground up black pepper.
Keep stirring until your greens are nicely cooked down and the seasonings have infused into your veggies.

-Chop up some sundried tomatoes and cilantro and stir in. Salt to taste.
*If you taste it and it still needs another note, try adding a little lemon spritz and stir in. The citrus notes can help to elevate the earthy quality of the curry.

When your veggies are cooked and your flavors are incorporated fully, turn the heat off and spread your veggies out levelly in your pan. Next, take your eggs and gently crack them so that they evenly cover your greens.

Place pan in oven in the middle rack and let the eggs cook. It will take about 15-20 minutes depending on your oven. (I like my yolks a little runny so keep checking every 5 minutes for your preferred consistency.)

Take the pan out of the oven and let things settle, about 3 minutes. Carefully use a spatula to cut out your servings like a casserole and place it on a plate. Drizzle olive oil on top, add some chopped up parsley, and serve with fresh tomatoes and avocado wedges.

Dig in!