“I seriously injured my shoulder in an accident, requiring surgery. Prior to the surgery Jessica and I worked together for several weeks to get all of the surrounding shoulder and back muscles strengthened and well-prepared for recovery. My surgeon was amazed at the ease of the actual surgery and the recovery process. The muscles were all perfectly aligned and strong, and total recovery took 50% of the normal recovery time. As we were working together, we also focused on total conditioning and balance. Jessica taught me lessons that I will remember forever, and that will always help keep me healthy.”



“Jessica is amazing.  She is currently helping me in my recovery from a ruptured achilles tendon.  She is thoughtful, intuitive and very thorough in how she analyzes your particular body issue.  The treatment can definitely be an intense experience, but  two days later, I generally feel so much better and farther along my path to recovery.  Thank you so much Jess!”



“After months of near-chronic back and shoulder pain from running and trapeze injuries, Jessica was able to get to the source of my issues and had me feeling much better in a surprisingly short turn-around and I am still pain-free! In addition to the great results from her treatment, Jessica creates a very welcoming and warm environment and is an excellent communicator. She took the time to help me understand her diagnosis and recommendations and always let me know what was coming during treatment. I cannot recommend her emphatically enough!”

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